Friday, June 01, 2007

The Shoe's on the Other Foot Now.

Reuters is running a story about bush condemning Iran for detaining American citizens on allegations of spying.

CommanderGuy is quoted as saying, "I am disturbed by the Iranian regime's refusal so far to provide any information on Robert Levinson, despite repeated U.S. requests," and, "I call on Iran's leaders to tell us what they know about his whereabouts."

I presume this would not be the same george w bush who claims a God-given right to "disappear" anyone he wants, in the name of national security. This would certainly not be the george w bush whose administration called the Geneva Conventions "quaint", or whose Veep referred to Constitutional rights as "delicate sensibilities," nor would this be the same bush whose administration engages in waterboarding, extraordinary renditions, and Lord only knows what other crimes against humanity in the name of his Holy War on Terra.

Any thinking person -- which lets out all of the brain-dead 27% and virtually all rethuglicans -- could have told CommanderGuy that his actions would come back to bite us in the ass.

Of course, CommanderGuy is never, ever wrong; it's just that subjective reality doesn't fit into his scheme of things.

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