Friday, June 01, 2007

Sgt Kokesh to USMC: "Go F*** Yourself"

Via BadTux, I found out about former Sergeant Adam Kokesh, USMC. Kokesh was busted back to Corporal before being discharged from the Corps. After his discharge from active duty -- during which he served honorably in Iraq -- he became a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, and spoke out against our presence in Iraq. In retaliation for exercising his freedom of speech -- one of the freedoms for which the Islamofascistmuslimterrists hate us -- the USMC revoked his honorable discharge and is now offering a "less-than-honorable" discharge in a blatant attempt to stifle him.

Kokesh wrote on his blog:

If I accept this “plea bargain,” I would have to allow you to punish me for speaking my mind, allow you to say that it is somehow less than honorable for thousands of IRR Marines to exercise their freedom of speech, allow you to silence the voices of those whose experiences are most relevant in the most pressing debate before the nation, and allow you to say that Thomas Jefferson was wrong. If this is your intent, I would ask to please, kindly, go f*** yourself. I will not allow it.

As I recall, we are in Iraq, in part, to defend our freedoms there so we don't have to defend them here, or something to that effect.

And yet we have the United States Marine Corps -- admittedly the bravest, fiercest, toughest fighters this world has ever seen -- suppressing the freedom of speech of one of their own veterans.

As BadTux put it:

I dunno what kinda love we can give Adam Kokesh, but I'm sure that the only way they'll shut up this PFC ("Proud Fuckin' Civilian") is if they put him in jail. Meanwhile, the Marines ought to be ashamed for trying to shut up a civilian honorably seperated from the Marines by revoking his honorable discharge. That kinda political bullshit acting as political operatives for the Bushevik regime is not what the military is supposed to be about. Our military is supposed to be about killing our nation's enemies dead, not about suppressing free speech within the borders of our country. There's a name for the kind of country where the military is used to suppress free speech within the borders of the country. It's called "military
dictatorship". It's not what our nation is supposed to be about. For shame, General Moore!

I second what BadTux says.

Kokesh doesn't seem to have a donation button on his blog, but maybe a whole shitload of supportive comments will help him out a bit.

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  1. And they want me to say something if I see something. Uh huh.