Thursday, March 03, 2005

Miscellaneous Musings

First, I heard yesterday on NPR that the Federales are forcing 'illegal' aliens to wear monitoring bracelets (like the ones worn by sex offenders). The problem is that these 'illegals' are awaiting hearings regarding deportation. They haven't been convicted yet. This is, of course, another wonderful idea brought to you by the Ministry of Homeland Security.

Second, I heard Mr. Bobo on NPR tonight (and yeah, that means I listen to NPR), claiming that we had to do something about Social Security now. There is one big problem with all of this:

If we follow the figures that 'prove' Social Security is bankrupt, those same figures show the private/personal/individual accounts will do no good. If, however, we use the figures that show the private/personal/individual accounts will make old age secure, THOSE same figures show that Social Security is in good health.

Third, the White House seems to be backing off the private/personal/individual accounts, thereby leaving the wingnuts screaming about the accounts hanging in the breeze. Now, Twig may try to pose this as "meeting us halfway", but it isn't true.

Fourth, BlunderBoy's tax cuts have a much greater (and longer-lasting) effect on the deficit than the Social Security "crisis" -- regardless of how real it may be.

These friggin' neocon wingnuts... what'll they do next?

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