Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hypocrisy on Parade

The hypocrisy surrounding the Terri Schiavo mess just flabbergasts me. In no particular order:

  • Bob Schindler, Terri's father, apparently terminated life support on his mother. I guess there was no money to be made on the lecture circuit with her.
  • Tom DeLay, bugman extraordinaire, pulled the plug on his father.
  • DeLay also participated in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the tram that injured his father... this involved (a) product liability, (b) shopping for a friendly jurisdiction, (c) awards for pain and suffering, and (d) awards for loss of companionship, etc... all things that would be lost under "tort reform".
  • Dubya, supporter of "erring on the side of life", signed a bill while Governor of Texas, that allows medical facilities to discontinue life support, regardless of family opposition, if the family cannot afford to pay the bill (last week, a six-year-old had his plug pulled, over his mother's objections; he was black, so what did Dubya care, right?).
  • Dubya also mocked Carla Faye Tucker's last appeal from death row.
  • Dubya presided over more executions than any other governor.
  • Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader -- both sensing the presence of TV cameras -- joined forces with the neocon wingnuts. Way to support those progressive causes, guys.
  • Bill Frist, MD, has been innundated (as have his staffers) with requests for instant diagnoses, accompanied by low-quality home videos.
  • The Schindler's have sold the list of their supporters to a far-right-wing neocon nutcase mailing list provider.

I tell you, this just sickens me. Where is the "erring on the side of life" in Iraq? In Afganistan? Hell, in TEXAS???

These people don't give a rat's behind about Terri Schiavo as a person. They see her as a way to mobilize "the base": the mouth-breathing, Bible-thumpin', sister-humpin', trailer trash that elected them.

Every last one of them should be forced to go through what Terri and her husband are going through.

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