Tuesday, November 04, 2014

'Nother Little Rapist Gets Caught...

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please look at the defendant over there, in the orange jumpsuit.

 His name is Daniel Holtzclaw, but his street name is "The Claw." He is accused of sexually abusing eight -- count them, EIGHT -- women of color here in Oklahoma City.

Look at those piggish, dull, little eyes:

You can tell, just by looking at him, that he's nothing more than a muscle-bound thug.

He had his own peculiar little way of committing his crimes. Instead of just a normal, "legitimate" rape, The Claw just wanted each woman to take his penis in her mouth. He didn't have to ejaculate or anything, he just wanted to degrade them, to demonstrate his power over them. He would often re-visit and re-assault his victims.

Oh, you may be asking yourselves, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, how this little bastard was able to gain control over his victims.

This is how:

Yes, The Claw was a police officer. Sworn to protect and defend us, he instead used his authority to oppress and victimize.

His family is demanding "the same rights under the law as any other citizen," which means w.e can shoot his ass, I suppose.

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  1. Now now, the same rights under the law as any WHITE citizen. It's only the black or Native American citizens that it's okay to shoot on sight in Oklahoma.

    I'm actually surprised that there are as few rapists in the police ranks as there are. It's a profession that attracts those who enjoy exerting power over others, and rape is a crime of power, not about sex. So it goes.