Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Law Enforcement

Ferguson, MO, 2014

Those three hard-hitting All-American Military Fighting Men are fro--- what? They're not active military? They're cops?

They're police officers?

Crap, they look like Marine Expeditionary Forces guys heading into Baghdad.

No wonder they're busy killing dogs and 90-year-old women and 19-year-old kids. They think they're playing G.I. Joe.

They get all this high-falutin' military hardware from Uncle Sam as part of the "War on Terra" -- despite the fact that Ferguson, MO, is not a terribly likely target for Haji al-Kahbuum -- so they feel the need to play with it when they get bored.

Kinda like the bad old days:

Birmingham, AL, 1963 
I guess I was really lucky: my stint in law enforcement came between these two periods, during the 70s and 80s when most cops -- not all, but most -- tried to be decent citizens, and tried to respect their fellow man.
Yeah, we had some gang issues and drug issues and of course the tail end of Vietnam and Watergate, but for the most part, the cops tried to be decent.

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  1. I am an American. I am not an enemy combatant. Americans can be criminals, sure. They can be stupid, or gay, or religious nutcases, or frickin' geniuses or saints for that matter. But they are citizens of the United States of America, not of some country that the US is at war with. When we have police officers in America viewing their fellow Americans not as fellow citizens, but, rather, as enemy combatants in a war zone, things have gone very, very wrong in America.