Friday, March 28, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music

THIS IS MUSIC... not like the crap kids listen to these days...

That's also real live honest-ta-God dancing, not the spasmodic seizure activity today's kids call dancing.

The full show -- all 1:36:00 of it -- is here.

(I liked the one comment on You Tube that said, "One of my friends thought Jump Jive and Wail was Drunken Driving make Bail")


  1. OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for posting,Mr. 618 I always thought the words were "Drunk drivin' - Go to Jail"

  2. JC, THANK YOU for stopping by. It's good to know you're still around. For the folks who don't know JC, she was one of the leading lights at BlondeSense, back in the classical era of blogging, working with folks like Pissed Off Patricia and Antichrist M Coulter. JC, is Missouri Mule still around? I remember the great go-round we had over the singing moose head at Wally World one Christmas.