Monday, November 25, 2013

Michael Vick: Why Doesn't He Just DIE?!?

First it was Whoopi Goldberg supporting Michael Vick (saying that dog fighting was accepted in his culture). Now, Chris Rock and Jay Leno both have come out in support of Vick, with Rock saying, "Dogs have never been good to black people!" which might have something to do with the fact that so many blacks like to... umm, beat, torture, electrocute, drown and otherwise MURDER dogs?

Going back to the point I made in the linked article, since dog fighting was acceptable in their culture, maybe we should return to another culturally acceptable pastime: lynching these worthless pieces of shit.

Screw Chris Rock for being a worthless piece of shit, and for supporting another worthless piece of shit.

And for that matter, screw the human chin for supporting TWO worthless pieces of shit.

Dog fighting -- or animal abuse in general -- is NEVER culturally acceptable.


Screw Vick, Rock, and Leno.

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