Sunday, September 22, 2013

Schticks of One...

...Half a dozen of the other...

(I've been using this tag for a few years, but didn't
see someone had posted this last year...)
Y'know, if it hadn't been for Spike Jones and Victor Borge and Allan Sherman, there might never have been a Weird Al Yankovic.

I. My Dream Job

One that I could never qualify for, but what the hell.

Tillerman on a hook and ladder (that's the guy steering the wheels on the trailer).

II. Heard Around The Barn

Senior Guy: "What kind of lights did Noah have on the Ark?"
Junior Guy: "I dunno..."
Senior Guy: "Flood lights, of course."

III. Pet Blogging

Not by me, but by Michael Morse. He's trying to raise funds for an animal rescue operation (where Cousin Wilson adopted Michael and his wife). He says he won't let Wilson into the house till he has some contributions*. I'd contribute, except I'm so broke, Tim Allen couldn't fix me. If you could go to his blog and toss a couple of bucks Wilson's way, I'd appreciate it.

And Wilson could get back on the couch.

* I don't think Michael is really refusing to let Wilson in, he's just trying to shame us.

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