Friday, February 08, 2013

Th' Blizzahd of Ought-Thirteen... Yessir!

Well, here I am, sitting in the living room as "The Great Blizzahd of Ought-Thirteen" rages outside. It's been snowing since morning, even though the main part of the real storm is just starting to affect us. We already have about 8 inches of snow in the yard, and we're expecting somewhere between 24 and 30 inches by the time we're done.

Some interesting cancellations crawling across the bottom of the TV machine: "Some Town Snowmobile Club Outing Postponed to Sunday" and "Some Other Town Snowshoe Hike Postponed to Sunday." Plus, the main attraction up here this time of year -- the National Toboggan escapades at the Snow Bowl in Camden had to cancel their Saturday toboggan runs because of snow. Plus at least one ski area is closed due to excessive snow.

Maine... Life in the Slow Lane.

A 19-car pile-up on Interstate 295 down in Cumberland screwed up the morning commute for folks trying to get into Portland this morning (it even made NBC Nightly News). Evening rush hour didn't happen, as most everybody got out of Dodge by about 2:00 PM.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot... some hacker got into gee-dumbya's email thingie, and posted some pix of dim son's self-portraits... including one in the tub. Not shown: how he was playing 'submarine' with a coupla turds. With presidential seals on 'em. For more on this breaking story, see this piece by the lovely yet talented Jurassic Pork (who is also even more flat broke than I am, so if you could spare a few sheckels his way, I'm sure he'd appreciate it).

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