Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year. Whatever.

Today's Maine Telegram has an interesting article on some of the new laws taking effect in Maine. One law requires the state's business ombudsman to establish a "central permitting program for retail businesses." This is in keeping with Fat Ass Paul LePage's promise to make Maine big-mega-business friendly. 

The idea is to make it easier to apply for and receive annual permits required for eating and lodging establishments, and for businesses that sell liquor, wine and beer, tobacco, food, beverages, lottery tickets and gas.

Individuals applying for public assistance will also face new procedures: they will have to provide notarized affidavits from all eight great-grandparents, a celebrity chef, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a draft pick to be named later.

1 comment:

  1. It also insures that Fatass controls who and who cannot do business in the state. Additionally, they now can graft right off the top. Only them good Rethugians will be allow to rape, rob and pillar the citizens of Maine, course when caught they will accuse the offenders of being "Closet Liberals" and disavow any knowledge of the deed. I smell a Lizard People "Pay to Play" scheme.