Monday, August 29, 2005

Gotta LOVE Them Neocons!

I was reading about the latest goings-on with Cindy Sheehan, down there in Crawdad, trying to interfere with Twig's vacation.

1. One batch of mouth-breathin', hooker-humpin', Bible-thumpin', sister-marryin', rifle-rack-in-the-pickemup bunch went after a group that seemed to be supporting Cindy. Oops, turns out it was a different bunch of mouth-breathers. Stupid friggin' neocons can't even tell their friends from their enemies.

2. One of the neocon media jerks -- Hume or Limbaugh or one of those twits -- apparently mistook Cindy Sheehan in Crawford with Cindy Crawford (of Sheehan?). The afore-mentioned wingnut was blithering about supermodels in politics. Go drink some more of that Kool-Aid.

3. One of the "support our military" types decided to show his support of the military by plowing over a dozen or so of the crosses that Sheehan and her followers set up. Each cross bore the name of a service member killed in action. Yup, drivin' yer pickemup over them crosses sure shows your support, Bubba.

4. In a semi-related vein, a bunch of right-wing neocon wingnuts is heading for South Carolina, to establish a 'Christian Republic' that will follow the tenets of the Old Testament. Um, guys, the OLD Testament is before Jesus. You'll be running a pre-Christian society. Not that they'll really care; they'll be able to keep women, minorities and other 'sub-human' species in line. And why am I not surprised to see they chose South Carolina? SC was the first state to secede prior to the Civil War (and the current batch of wingnuts is also talking secession). Y'all wanna secede? Fahn. Go ahaid. But don't y'all come lookin to us to bail out yer sorry asses with furrin aid.

As I said, you gotta love those fascist, neocon wingnuts.

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